Students learn to speak, listen, read, and write in Russian; study Russian music, art, customs, literature, and cuisine; and develop their abilities to think comparatively and internationally.

Majors choose from such upper-level offerings as Advanced Russian, Russian Civilization, Russian Literature, Composition and Conversation, Tolstoy in English, and Dostoevsky in English. Cultural functions and conversation hours take place in the Russian House, a stately, historic, stone-faced dwelling where several Russian-language students live with a native Russian speaker.

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Tolstoy Class Eats like Levin
May 2, 2016
Inspired by Levin from Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina", about half the Tolstoy Seminar met at the home of Dr. Preslar to make Green Borsch using field greens like in days of old. The traditional Russian soup contained onions, carrots, potatoes, rutabagas, wild nettles, sorrel, lambs quarter, plantain, wild onion scapes, fennel, parsley, dandelions, spinach, (french sorrel too), Lemon Thyme, home made broth, a bit of salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of butter, a dollop of smetana (sour cream), garden dill, and crusty sour dough whole wheat bread dipped in olive oil with Himalayan pink salt. Many had seconds!
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Kathryn Willgus
Sewanee Russian Major gets a Fulbright
May 2, 2016
For the seventh year in a row, Sewanee's Russian Department has sent one of its students to study or teach in Russia with a Fulbright Scholarship. This year's winner is Kathryn Willgus, an English and Russian major.
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Students Create Russian and Ukrainian Easter Eggs
April 25, 2016
Students gathered on the Eastern Orthodox Easter Sunday (which fell on April 24th) at the Russian House to learn traditional Easter Egg decorating techniques from Russian and Ukraine. In the photo, we can see the fruits of their efforts. There was plenty of traditional Easter bread to snack on while working on the eggs.
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